Pig Veterinary Society


Through veterinary contributions to the pig industry, the Pig Veterinary Society of the NZVA aims to enhance the health, welfare and management of pigs in New Zealand.

We do this by:

Providing informative and useful information to all groups within the industry and promote quality assurance in all aspects of pig production and processing.

Contact us

You can get in touch with our committee at pig-veterinary-society@vets.org.nz, or through the NZVA office.

Pig Veterinary Society Membership

Membership is included for NZVA members as part of your annual subscription fee – sign-up when you join or renew your membership. Or, to join outside the membership renewal period please email membership@vets.org.nz.

Pig Veterinary Society Members' Area

NZVA members can access member only content by logging into the NZVA website and using the links in the left navigation.