NZVA Tutor Application

Become an NZVA tutor

Share your knowledge, support the veterinary profession, and supplement your income

As part of its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offerings, the NZVA provides short online courses aimed towards the New Zealand veterinary profession.

The NZVA is looking for qualified, experienced, and committed tutors. We are interested in widening our reach of tutors who have a special interest or have knowledge and/or experience in a particular area of veterinary science which would be valuable to share with the New Zealand veterinary profession. If you are interested in education and supporting the veterinary profession, then consider becoming a NZVA tutor.

Most NZVA courses offer approximately 10 hours of course work over four weeks to its participants, and tutors are an integral part of a delivery. Tutor details are listed below but you can contact NZVA for further details if you have any questions.

Complete the online application below. Before you start, you will need the following:

  • List of topics you feel qualified to tutor
  • Qualification(s) related to topics: Year and institution
  • Experience related to topics: Length of time and organisations
  • Tutoring experience: Length of time and organisations
  • Availability: date ranges
  • Known conflicts: affiliations
  • Two references
  • Short CV

As a tutor, you will usually be expected to:

  • attend planning meetings with course co-ordinators and other tutors
  • prepare recorded presentations to be available online
  • prepare summary notes that complement each presentation
  • prepare case studies or activity which test participants knowledge
  • prepare and deliver a live online tutorial
  • monitor and contribute to discussions on forums

There are many benefits to becoming a tutor, including:

  • enhancing your leadership, people management, and time management skills
  • developing your presentation and verbal communication skills, including the ability to give effective feedback
  • boosting your subject knowledge
  • working in a diverse team
  • supplementary income

If you are successful in becoming a NZVA tutor, you will gain access to the NZVA tutor page which offers tutors a glimpse of the expected course format along with resources to help tutors prepare and deliver a NZVA course. Those who have not tutored before will find the resources useful. Those with more tutor experience may find some of the resources unnecessary but we ask everyone to review the material to ensure NZVA courses maintain consistency in quality and serviceability.

The CPD Academic Director works with the Special Interest Branches to ensure the NZVA CPD programme reflects the needs of its membership each year.

When there is a gap in the educational requirements of the NZVA membership, the CPD team works with stakeholders to ensure it's CPD programme fills those gaps. If a tutor has the required qualifications and experience in that area, they will be contacted to discuss the opportunity of a tutoring a course.

There may be opportunities to present at NZVA regional network, and NZVA sponsors' meetings. The NZVA will not share details without the permission of the applicant and therefore the applicant will be approached if any opportunity arises.