For farmers

For farmers

We have collected a number of handy resources to help you look after your livelihood – your livestock. You’ll find more on our Policies, Guidelines & Resources page.

Intensive winter grazing

The New Zealand Veterinary Association’s view is that winter grazing should only be undertaken when the welfare of animals is protected. This means meeting the requirements of section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 1999, and other relevant legislation. Find out more about Intensive Winter Grazing

Mycoplasma Bovis

The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is not directly involved in the Government's M. bovis eradication programme. We do however act as a liaison between the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and NZVA member veterinarians. Find out more about Mycoplasma Bovis.


Leptospirosis is a disease caused bacteria in the genus Leptospira. It is a zoonotic disease which means it infects animals (although often the infected animal does not appear unwell), but infection can also be passed on to people through direct contact with animal urine or contact with contaminated environments. It can enter the body through the nose, eyes or mouth, or via cuts in the skin. Find out more about Leptospirosis and the national risk management programme Leptosure

Antimicrobial resistance

The veterinary profession's aspirational goal is that 'By 2030 New Zealand Inc. will not need antibiotics for the maintenance of animal health and wellness'. This goal was launched in 2015 and we are leading the way, and working collaboratively with a range of organisations, to promote the responsible use of antibiotics in animals to ensure their continued effectiveness in safeguarding both animal and human health. Find out more about Antimicrobial Resistance

Foot and mouth disease

Foot and mouth disease is a highly infectious disease that affects cloven-hooved animals. In Aotearoa, this includes cows, pigs, sheep, goats, deer, alpaca, and llama. Learn more about foot and mouth disease

Choose a BESTPRACTICE® accredited veterinary clinic or hospital

BESTPRACTICE® accredited veterinary clinics and hospitals offer animal owners the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times. Find out more about BESTPRACTICE