Wildlife Connect

Wildlife Connect is the Wildlife Society's newsletter, which shares information, wildlife stories, treatment advice and links to other organisations working with wildlife in Aotearoa and overseas. It is dynamic and informative, and a members-only benefit from the Wildlife Society.

To provide feedback or story ideas for Wildlife Connect, please email

Wildlife Connect

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Kokako is the Wildlife Society's bulletin published in June and December. Members receive it electronically as part of their membership, or can elect to receive a printed copy for NZ$10 per year.

Kokako material includes:

  • Reports on the clinical appearance, treatment, care and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals
  • Reports on the pathological changes found in dead animals
  • Reports on animals in zoos and sanctuaries
  • Studies of conservation aspects of various groups of native animals
  • Papers related to talks given at the Wildlife Society's seminars and conferences
  • Review papers from other publications
  • Relevant news items for Wildlife Society members

Both veterinarians and non-veterinarians are welcome to contribute material. For all enquiries and contributions, please email Dr Paul Prosée at

Read Kokako on SciQuest