Wildlife Society


The Wildlife Society of the NZVA was formed to enhance veterinary contributions to the welfare and management of New Zealand's native wildlife, to support research in this field, and to encourage conservation of threatened species.

We do this by:

  • Assisting in the veterinary management of New Zealand native wildlife through the sharing of general and technical information
  • Producing the technical publication Kokako and a newsletter three times per year
  • Running a Google discussion group
  • Holding an annual conference to share ideas and encourage conservation of threatened species


From 2021, membership is included for NZVA members as part of your annual subscription fee – sign-up when you join or renew your membership. Or, to join outside the membership renewal period please email membership@vets.org.nz.


Sam Lee

Marie Potthoff

Harry Taylor

Immediate Past President
Kate McInnes


  • Kelly Buckle
  • Pauline Howard
  • Kerri Morgan
  • Mint Bhetraratana
  • James Chatterton
  • Kate Mcinness

Kokako Editor
Paul Prosee

Contact us

You can get in touch with our committee at wildlife@vets.org.nz, or through the NZVA office.