Wildlife Society annual grants

If you have any questions about our grants, please email wildlife@vets.org.nz.

The Marion Cunningham Memorial Fund Grant

The Marion Cunningham Memorial Fund Grant is awarded to students engaging in research that is practicable and relevant to current wildlife concerns. The research should enhance veterinary contributions to the welfare and management of New Zealand's wildlife and promote communication among both veterinarians and non-veterinarians with expertise in wildlife management and research. It should also encourage conservation, especially by veterinary contributions, to the management of threatened species.

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Wildlife Society Grant

The Wildlife Society Grant (formerly the Practitioners Grant) was established in 2013 to provide support to veterinarians who have a strong interest in further developing their veterinary skills for working with native New Zealand wildlife species. The grant may be used for funding continuing education in this field, either through online courses, practical placements at wildlife veterinary centres, or practice-based wildlife disease investigation and/or diagnostics. Our purpose for this grant is to increase the skills and knowledge of veterinarians in wildlife medicine and surgery and to promote the benefits of treating wildlife in practice.

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