Complementary Veterinary Medicine Branch


To provide educational opportunities and support to veterinarians, as well as the public to make use of integrative medicine, thus encouraging sustainable healthcare options and working towards a healthier planet.

We do this by:

  • Increasing awareness amongst our colleagues and the public about integrative healthcare and the importance that it has in the future of sustainable healthcare (looking after the long-term health and welfare of the animal as well as the environment and the community).
  • Encouraging a greater national acceptance and practice of various complementary therapy tools by providing educational opportunities for vets in general practice as well as a support base to assist with integrative veterinary practice.
  • Working to enhance animal welfare by educating the public about the importance of responsible animal ownership and the broad range of options available for the healthcare of their animals.
  • Boosting membership to the CVM and therefore the NZVA thereby supporting our veterinary community.
  • Liaising with overseas like-minded veterinarians and their respective associations.


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  • Rebecca Brown
  • Wendy Dixon
  • Viv Harris
  • Rochelle Kerr
  • Jacqui Snell
  • Barbara Stumbles

Contact us

You can get in touch with our committee at, or through the NZVA office.