Deer Branch


The Deer Branch is a special interest branch of the NZVA focused on enhancing the wellbeing of deer and expanding the veterinary support and role to the deer industry.

We do this by:

  • Providing an opportunity for veterinarians in New Zealand to continuously improve knowledge and skills in order to enhance the wellbeing of deer, the reputation and profitability of deer veterinary endeavour and the deer industry.
  • Providing veterinary leadership by initiating and developing strategic initiatives within the deer industry.
  • Offering a source of independent expert technical advice to deer industry partners and the New Zealand Veterinary Association, private and governmental agencies.
  • Enhancing the New Zealand deer industry's quality assurance culture by developing and contributing to industry schemes and veterinary professional activity.
  • Supporting research activities within the deer industry.


The Deer Branch welcome enquiries from deer owners, veterinarians as well as others connected to the deer industry and the veterinary profession.

From 2021, membership is included for NZVA members as part of your annual subscription fee – sign-up when you join or renew your membership. Or, to join outside the membership renewal period please email

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Contact us

You can get in touch with our committee at, or through the NZVA office.