Where to get help

Veterinary wellbeing: where to get help

A veterinary career can be stressful and demanding at times. The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is committed to providing members with mental health and wellbeing support.

From time to time the pressures of our professional and private lives call for some external help so we remain confident and able to deal with whatever opportunities and challenges life throws at us.

Just as veterinarians encourage their clients to seek help early, the NZVA encourages all veterinarians to do the same when it comes to their emotional, mental and physical health.

Free counselling for veterinarians


All veterinarians in New Zealand can get free, confidential counselling through Vitae's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This is funded by the NZVA and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ).

You can make an appointment by calling the 24-hour phone booking service (0508 664 981) or by completing the self-referral counselling form online.

Vitae provides the NZVA with quarterly, confidential reports which give us a valuable snapshot of current issues and early warning of potential hot spots. These reports allow us to track trends and highlight workplace health and safety issues that will have a direct impact on veterinarians, such as stress, financial problems and depression.

Get help through Vitae


If you prefer to talk to a veterinary professional, you can access free, confidential support through Vets4Vets. This service is for veterinarians and veterinary students anywhere in the world. The Vets4Vets support team is made up of experienced veterinarians who have been helping colleagues overcome the unique challenges facing veterinary teams for years.

Get help through Vets4Vets

Wellbeing resources for NZVA members

NZVA Wellbeing Hub

NZVA members can access a range of valuable resources via our Wellbeing Hub.

Access the Wellbeing Hub

NZVET Mentoring Support

The NZVA provides a mentoring support programme for recent graduates. NZVET Mentoring Support pairs recent graduates with experienced veterinarians who provide trusted knowledge and support in your first few years of practice.

Learn more about NZVA mentoring

NZVA head office

If you need help, call the NZVA Wellington office on 04 471 0484 for a confidential chat with a member of our veterinary team.

Documents and resources

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Find information on mental health conditions, where to get help, and how to support others on the Mental Health Foundation website.

Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand

The NZVA is a member of Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHAANZ). We work alongside them to provide solutions and influence policy affecting the health and wellbeing of our rural communities.

The Elizabeth Veterinary Benevolent Fund

The Elizabeth Veterinary Benevolent (EVBF) is designed to support veterinarians and veterinary teams to create personal and workplace wellbeing solutions.

Learn more about the EVBF