2024 Annual General Meeting

The 101st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the New Zealand Veterinary Association Te Pae Kīrehe (NZVA) will be held at the 2024 NZVA and NZVNA Conference in June.

Date: 20 June 2024
Time: 11.30am
Location: Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

The meeting documents, including the official notice of business and constitutional changes to be voted on are available below.

If you are unable to attend the AGM but would still like to vote for the constitutional changes, please complete the proxy form and return to executive@vets.org.nz by 11.30am on Tuesday 18 June 2024. Forms received after this date will not be accepted.

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NZVA Board election 2024

Eight (8) nominations have been received for the two (2) elected positions on the NZVA Board.

  • Annie Jackson
  • Corey Regnerus-Kell
  • Dallas New
  • Jordi Hoult
  • Katie Grant
  • Kate Hill
  • Natalie Lloyd
  • Steve Oehley

Biographies for each candidate can be found below.

The following NZVA members are eligible to vote in the Board election:

  • Practising veterinary members (Veterinarian Practising or Industry, Recent Graduates, Academic or Researcher, Practising Time out).
  • Retired members
  • Life members
  • Veterinary Business Branch (VBB) Committee members.

All members eligible to vote should have received an email on 15 May 2024 inviting them to vote in the Board election. If you have not received a link to vote, or you have any questions about the election, please contact Megan Miller at executive@vets.org.nz or 04 831 1605.

Voting for the election closes at 12pm on Wednesday 5 June 2024.

Annie Jackson

Proposer: Samantha Looney Seconder: Samantha Lewis 

This year marks my 30-year anniversary of finishing my veterinary training at Massey University, and in this time, I have been a truly mixed animal clinical vet, having worked as a locum, part time (while raising children / farming) in a few different practices, and now working full time again in both a mixed animal clinical and management role.

I am currently working at Clutha Vets as a mixed animal practitioner and part of the Executive Management Group which manages Clutha Vets, located in South Otago.

Being part of the management group involves interaction at the board level and requires understanding and experiencing governance.

When I take time to reflect over the 30 years, and think about the many unique opportunities and experiences, that have come my way, this is something I would like to see continue for our next generation. Growing young vets to become professionals that can see the value in what we and who wish to contribute to it for a long time is a key driver for me.

I am the Otago Branch Regional Network representative and encouraging vets to meet together / be a support network for each other is also very important to me.

Corey Regnerus-Kell

Proposer: Steve Merchant Seconder: Seton Butler 

The veterinary profession in New Zealand thrives on community, collaboration, and creativity. As the essential service that safeguards the well-being of Aotearoa's animals and people, it is imperative that we uphold these values. Te Pae Kīrehe not only represents its members but also advocates for the greater profession. Having contributed on the NZVA board in an appointed capacity for three years, I bring a diverse perspective and governance acumen, aiming now to persist as an elected board member.

Appointed roles address specific gaps in representation and expertise. As an elected board member, I aspire to further our strategic vision, fortifying NZVA's resilience. Moreover, this transition presents an opportunity for fresh appointments to the board should the need arise.

With a background spanning clinical practice, industry and government, including roles in food safety, biosecurity (M. Bovis) and current General Manager Animal Services for SPCA, I offer a comprehensive skill set to address the evolving needs of our members. My dedication to advocating for the profession and driving strategic initiatives aligns with the forward-thinking ethos of Te Pae Kīrehe. By electing me, you are not just supporting continuity but also embracing the potential for fresh perspectives and continued progress within the NZVA.

Dallas New

Proposer: Jane Sinclair Seconder: Amy Burroughs

Dallas earned a BSc in Biology at the University of Guelph, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, and MSc in Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Since calling New Zealand her home from 2019, she has spent time as a Technical Policy Advisor with DairyNZ and then as the Lead Veterinary Epidemiologist with OSPRI working to tackle bovine TB. She is currently serving as New Zealand’s Councillor for the Commonwealth Veterinary Association, and is a Committee Member for the Epidemiology, Food Safety, Biosecurity and Animal Welfare SIB within NZVA.

Dallas brings experience serving as a Board Member for Rotary Hutt Valley, and as a Director for two charitable groups in Canada. She has well rounded leadership experience, complimented by formal leadership training as well as one-on-one coaching. She has been a member of Rotary International and enjoys giving back to communities through volunteering.

Dallas is an active member of her local Toastmasters club, can be found running with the Harriers on Saturday mornings, and spends lots of time playing with her two lab crosses Sherlock and Prairie.

Jordi Hoult

Proposer: Jessica Perno Seconder: Awilda Baoumgren

Jordi has an unfailing belief in 1) her ability to change the world for the better, and 2) the genuine desire of most people to do the same.  Her career spans Northland to Southland, and paddock to parliament. Currently employed by MPI, she has a reputation for resolving big challenges and a knack for sparking action in others, bringing many hands and minds together to make a meaningful impact.

Jordi is driven to improve the sustainability and resilience of the veterinary profession, seen through her current work with the NZVA, and extensive mentoring, particularly for career progression and change. Pragmatism, empathy, and authenticity are evident in all her actions.

She has also completed a Masters in Business Administration, fuelled by her passion to ensure transparent, strategic, and collaborative leadership across the veterinary and primary industries.

Frequently described as being "like sunshine," Jordi brings a positive energy to every interaction, complemented by her ability to make terrific cakes and terrible puns. A curious conversationalist, she loves nothing better than discussing what’s on your mind.

Outside of work, Jordi is an avid reader, foodie, and sometimes graceful pole-dancer and paddleboarder. She lives in the Manawatū with her fiancé and their two cats.

Katie Grant

Proposer: Adrian Evans Seconder: Aidan Smith

I am a dedicated equine veterinarian, serving as a director and owner of South Wairarapa Veterinary Services. With extensive experience in the veterinary industry, I possess a deep understanding of its intricacies. I have served on the Members Advisory Group (MAG) for the NZVA and been a Wairarapa Regional Branch President. I am currently a member of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) for the NZ Veterinary Council.

My involvement within our business, on committees and in Massey University student externships has provided insight into the needs and expectations of employers, employees, and students alike. Additionally, I am pursuing a qualification as a chartered governance professional through the Chartered Governance Institute of New Zealand, further enhancing my understanding of effective governance. I have previously undertaken Leadership training through Women in Leadership, Australia.

I have actively promoted sustainability, culture, and wellness initiatives within our business, recognising the challenges faced by veterinarians today. I believe in the importance of collaboration within our profession and am eager to contribute to the NZVA's leadership in guiding the profession in the coming years.
With a strong desire to contribute and a wealth of energy to offer, I would be honoured to be elected to represent you.

Kate Hill

Proposer: Mark Bryan Seconder: Eloise Jillings

Since 2018, I have been an active NZVA board member and am honoured to have held the position of NZVA President since June 2022. During my tenure, I have contributed to various committees, including the Policy Advisory Committee, Member Advisory Group, Audit and Risk Committee, and the local operating committee for the (cancelled) WVAC conference. Additionally, I previously served as an executive board member of CAV from 2007 to 2014 and participated in the CAV CPD advisory group since 2006. I received the Annual Service Award from CAV in 2016.

The NZVA has undergone significant transformation and growth, and I am committed to furthering the strategies of sustainability, relevance, and advocacy. I take pride in my contributions, such as helping to establish the New Graduate Observer on the board, creating the New Graduate Advisory Group, championing the Climate Change Ambassador role, and promoting our journey to honour te Tiriti o Waitangi and supporting all of our members to build a more sustainable veterinary profession.

As a passionate advocate for the NZ veterinary profession, I focus on veterinarian well-being, career development, and retention. My skills encompass governance training, effective communication, active listening, and balancing work responsibilities while raising a family.

Natalie Lloyd

Proposer: Rebecca (Becky) Murphy Seconder: Kevanne McGlade

I have been working as a companion animal veterinarian since graduating from Massey University in 1995. I've served in various roles including part time employed, locum, and clinic owner. Transitioning to a veterinary adviser for Zoetis in 2018, I engage with veterinarians across diverse practice settings, fostering my deep passion for our profession.

Serving on the CAV committee since 2016, I assumed the role of President in 2019, leading the branch through significant changes within NZVA and honing my understanding of governance and leadership. Stepping down as President this year, I now serve as branch secretary, to ensure a seamless transition for our members.

Actively advocating for companion animal veterinarians, I participate in community initiatives and hold positions in two World Small Animal Veterinary Association committees and I co-convene the Feline Chapter of the Australia New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. I am eager to contribute further by representing a broader spectrum of veterinarians in Aotearoa on the NZVA Board.

Steve Oehley

Proposer: Jenny Weston Seconder: Greg Chambers

Hi, I’m Steve, I bring more than ten years of experience in the NZ veterinary industry, working alongside vets in production animal, companion animal, and emergency roles.

More recently, I transitioned to an industry-focused position and then established Next Step Vet, a career development initiative designed for veterinary professionals.

I will bring fresh ideas, forward-thinking, and strong communication to the role. Having engaged with hundreds of local vets over the past three years and conducted interviews with thought-leaders in the veterinary profession worldwide, I will bring a unique perspective to the role.

I am deeply familiar with the challenges we are facing: the demanding nature of our jobs, the emotional strain, and the escalating pressures from the public.

Most vets want their conditions to improve, seeking a more balanced work-life, and greater job satisfaction. I can see things from both an individual vet's perspective and a business owner’s perspective; we need to address the retention issues facing our industry.

With a proven track record of supporting and developing vets, I will actively seek your input and advocate for vets, regardless of your area of practice. This is why, if elected, I will genuinely represent our veterinary profession.