Benchmarking surveys

The Veterinary Business Branch (VBB) of the NZVA has partnered with BBVet to run a series of surveys tailored to the New Zealand veterinary profession. We know members need access to high quality benchmarking data and this project contributes directly to supporting your businesses. Having quality, reliable data will quite simply drive better business decisions.

This is a great opportunity to participate in and receive benchmarking information from a series of professional, independently run surveys tailored to the New Zealand veterinary profession at a reasonable cost.

You must participate in the surveys to access the information.

Available surveys

  • Desexing Fees (currently closed)
  • Wage and Salary Survey (currently closed)
  • Profit and Expenses Survey (scheduled for August 2024)
  • Fees Survey (opens in October 2024)
  • Snapshot KPI Survey (scheduled for late 2024)

Pricing (NZD)

The following prices are for single practice members. If you have a branch of your single practice, you qualify for this rate. A premium price applies to non-member businesses.

  • Monthly subscription (per survey): $69 per month
  • Annual subscription (per survey): $768 (saving $64)

There is no GST as the payment is made directly to BBVet in Australia.

Multiple practice discounts

Number of clinics in business Discount Discount code
2 - 4 50% 2to4Clinics
5 - 6 54% 5to6Clinics
7 - 8 56% 7to8Clinics
Ten or more 60% 10PlusClinics

What do you get?

  • The option to participate in any survey that the NZVA and BBVet offer
  • Access to interactive graphics and scenario planning
  • Access to a hard copy PDF report

Access the benchmarking surveys

To access the benchmarking surveys:

  1. Sign up to the BBVet portal.
  2. Choose which surveys you want to participate in.
  3. Click the "Set up plan" button to select your payment plan.

Further information

  • For more information, contact Mark Hosking from the Veterinary Business Branch (
  • Technical support, contact Rob White from BBVet (

Survey design

The VBB has worked with BBVet to ensure that the survey structure and questions are suitable for the New Zealand market.

These are user pays surveys. The VBB has negotiated a reduced rate from BBVet.

The ability to “cut and dice” data (for example by species or region) exists and will be dependent on the number of participants. The more participants there are, the more valid and useful the information will be.

Commerce Commission (CC) considerations

We have been in touch with the Commerce Commission and received general advice that it is acceptable to run this survey, providing the information is not promoted or used as a way to organise price fixing or collusion. The NZVA may use the information gathered to foster conversations in the advocacy space.


The only people who will be able to see your individual data will be BBVet, who need to do so for administration purposes. The NZVA will be able to access macro information only (no site-specific information) which will be important for advocacy work. No-one will be able to view any scenario planning you do at a site level.