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New Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation

The Office of Radiation Safety (ORS) released the new Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation (ORS C9), which came into effect on 31st July 2020.

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Antibiotic advertising guide for veterinarians

Advertising of restricted antibiotics to end users is no longer permitted under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act.

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Waste not

While the Government prepares to target six of the most problematic waste streams in New Zealand, some veterinary clinics are already focusing on reducing their rubbish. 

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Update on changes to radiation safety for veterinarians

Organisations that manage and control radiation sources must be in possession of a source licence according to the new Radiation Safety Act 2016 that came into force on 07 March 2017.

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Transport of pregnant cows

We’d like to remind NZVA members of our advice regarding requests to certify late gestation cows as being fit for transport.

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What needs to be said

NZVA Chief Veterinary Officer Helen Beattie offers a refresher on veterinarians’ rights and responsibilities when it comes to divulging client information.

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