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Canine cough update

Over the last two weeks, we have been made aware of increased case numbers of canine cough in parts of the country. Reports have also detailed that a number of these cases have developed an acute bronchopneumonia.

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Changes to NZ immigration

As part of the staged border reopening, the criteria for long term critical workers has been changed.

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Some useful COVID-19 documents

These useful documents outline how a few relevant systems work at Phase Two of the Red Light Setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

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Government confirms critical worker scheme

A new close contact exemption scheme will keep critical supply chains running through Omicron.

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Reopening of the New Zealand border

We were pleased to hear the announcement from the Government detailing the plan to reopen New Zealand’s border. We are confident that these changes will streamline the pathway for international veterinarians to enter and join the workforce, helping to provide some respite from the current veterinary shortage clinics in New Zealand are facing.

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Veterinary clinics and the three-phase Omicron plan

The three-phase plan for the Omicron outbreak aims to slow down and limit the spread of an outbreak. As the country moves through the phases both testing and isolation approaches will change in response.

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Traffic light framework guidance

In anticipation of the traffic light framework being in effect from 11:59pm on Thursday 2 December 2021, the NZVA with the VCNZ have made the following summary guidance based on the information currently available.

The legislation governing the Framework has not yet been released and may change the situation.

Available on the NZVA website are the following:

  • A traffic light guidance table
  • Essential provision advice: traffic light system

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COVID-19 health and safety risk assessment templates

NZVA and VCNZ have teamed up with PEOPL3 to provide some rapid support to clinics requiring help to produce a health & safety risk assessment for COVID-19.

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COVID-19 update - vaccination in clinics: 5 November 2021

Advice in response to requests from clinics wanting clarification on how to operate in the current environment, irrespective of alert level settings.

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Vaccination requirements for veterinarians coming to New Zealand

As of 1 November 2021, it will become a requirement for non-New Zealand citizens arriving into the country to be fully vaccinated.

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