Possible potency issues with Pentobarb 500

Published on 23 June 2023.

In a letter to customers dated 20 June 2023, Provet advised that they are aware of a small number of instances where possible potency issues with Pentobarb 500 have been identified. To date, these have involved batches B62192 and B65624, but further investigations are in progress to determine if these are the only batches involved.

Testing of samples from the implicated bottles is underway, together with the testing of unbroached bottles from the same and other batches. The control samples maintained by Provet's manufacturing partner are also being reviewed for completeness.

In the interim, Provet strongly recommends that bottles from batches B62192 and B65624 are not used or, if there is no alternative, that they are used with caution. It is also advised that broached packs or packs that have not been stored as advised on the label (below 25°C and protected from light) should not be used under any circumstances until the investigation into this matter has been completed and reported.

For further information, please contact Adam Morris (adam.morris@covetrus.com) or any of the Provet team.