Equine: Withholding time list update

The New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association Prohibited Substance Recommended Withholding Times List (WHT list) has been updated.

It now includes withholding times for the bisphosphonates Osphos and Tildren.

The list can be found in the Resource Centre on the NZVA website. You'll need to be logged into the website to view. Find it under 'Codes, guidelines and templates'.

The purpose of the list is to ensure that when horses are directly treated by a veterinarian, or under the supervision of a veterinarian, both owners and trainers can have the confidence to compete in Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ) or New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing trials or races with minimal risk of a positive test to a prohibited substance.

Harness Racing New Zealand rules and regulations

There have also been some significant changes to the Harness Racing New Zealand rules and regulations that will impact veterinarians treating Standardbred racehorses. Please take a moment to review the NZEVA’s notice on the HRNZ changes to rules and regulations, as well as HRNZ’s new list of Notifiable Surgeries and Procedures.

For future reference these documents are available on the NZVA and NZEVA website.