Wanted: Appointed Board Chairperson

The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is looking for an appointed board chairperson.

For further information or to submit your application please contact Kevin Bryant, Chief Executive Officer, on 04 471 0484 or kevin.bryant@vets.org.nz.

Applications Close: 12pm, 18 October 2019.

Key responsibilities

Governance leadership

While the chairperson has all the responsibilities of other Board members, they have some specific additional responsibilities which are to:

  • Set the tone and culture of the Board
  • Foster high ethical standards
  • Ensure the Board delivers upon its collective responsibilities
  • Provide leadership and strategic insight to the Board
  • Maximise the input and skills of Board members, ensuring equitable contribution to debate and decision making.
  • Mentors, supports and acts as critical friend to the CEO.

Strategic and business planning

Working with Board colleagues and senior management lead the development of the NZVA strategic plan.

Maintains clear vision for the future. Ability to achieve what is most important according to strategic and business plans.

Ensure effective stakeholder relationships / networks to support the activities of the NZVA in accordance with strategic and business plans agreed by the Board and senior management.

Demonstrate the shared values of the NZVA where members are first and foremost, high standards are always expected and commitment to collegiality and having fun.

Process and risk management

Understands and contributes to both the identification and mitigation of risk for the Association.

Ensures commitment to Board policies and procedures including (but not limited to) NZVA constitution, NZVA Shared Vision and Values and NZVA Code of Conduct.

Governance policies and procedures are adhered to and regularly reviewed to ensure relevancy, transparency and consistent application.

Accountable and responsible for NZVA Health and Safety obligations as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking in accordance with the Health and Safety At Work Act.

Financial Management

Ensure the financial sustainability of the NZVA for the long term through informed financial decision making as required by the Board (ensuring compliance).

CEO interface

Act as the conduit between the CEO and the Board.

Work closely with the CEO to ensure strategic objectives are achieved and sets, in collaboration with the CEO, all meeting agendas.

Mentor and support the CEO, acting as their critical friend.

Specific appointments (Board Committees)

Leads, or is a member of, committees of the Board as or when required and in accordance with recognised competencies.

Board Commitments

  • Board Meetings – minimum of five per annum plus one-off tele/videoconference as required
  • NZVA Events – Annual summit, Annual General Meeting plus events as approved by the Board.
  • NZVA Representation as approved by the Board.
  • NZVA Board committee and branch liaison as required.
  • Meets regularly with the Chief Executive.
  • Average commitment up to one day per week.

Tenure and terms of engagement

One-year term, for a maximum of three terms, at the discretion of the elected Board members.

Annual Performance Review as per Board Evaluation Policy

Skills and behaviours

Effective interpersonal skills, ability to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and professional status.

Ability to effectively design sound strategic objectives and ensure ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Willingness to take calculated risks and stand by collective decisions.

Strong communication skillset to effectively manage situations ranging from active listening, public speaking (media), membership events, business leadership, inspiring and/or motivating others

Understands and recognises when conflicts of interest (commercial or other) exist and ability to manage such conflicts.


Essential: proven chairperson experience within the Not-For-Profit Sector or previous / current Corporate Directorships

Desirable: interest in or knowledge of e.g. veterinary profession, education, animal health industry or associations.

Education, business and technical requirements

Chartered membership of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand or equivalent.

Able to meet the financial and legal requirements of directorship (including audit and risk).