Request for samples for molecular survey of the canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2) in New Zealand

During 2021, MSD Animal Health and Massey University are collaborating on a parvovirus study: ‘A Molecular Survey of Canine Parvovirus 2 (CPV-2) in New Zealand’. The aim of this study is to estimate the relative prevalence of parvovirus subtypes in naturally infected New Zealand dogs.

To date, only one published study has examined the prevalence of canine parvovirus subtypes in New Zealand (Ohneiser et al., 2015). Of the samples that tested positive for CPV by PCR, 98.5% were classified as CPV-2a, and 1.5% was classified as CPV-2. Consistent with this study, over the 2017-2018 summer MSD Animal Health typed 6 clinical parvovirus as CPV-2a. In 2019, two cases of canine parvovirus subtype 2c in New Zealand were confirmed in dogs that had not been imported to the country. To date, CPV-2b has not been detected in New Zealand.

To further assess the prevalence of canine parvovirus subtypes in New Zealand, MSD Animal Health is funding parvovirus typing through Massey University and is pleased to offer this service to veterinarians free of charge.

To contribute samples to the study, please contact Hannah Bain at MSD Animal Health ( to be sent a ‘Parvo Pack’ with instructions on sampling, storage and shipping of faecal samples. Sampling equipment and a pre-paid courier bag are included.

Samples should be collected from positive cases of canine parvovirus (confirmed by in-house faecal antigen test or veterinary pathology laboratory testing), or cases strongly suspected of canine parvovirus infection based on clinical presentation.