Anthelmintic ruminal bolus reassessment and prohibition on sale and use

Published on 22 May 2023.

The use or sale of Bionic Plus Hogget and Bionic Plus intraruminal boluses in now prohibited while investigations of all anthelmintic intraruminal bolus occurs.

In 2022, the Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicine (ACVM) team at Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) was notified of an adverse event in a hogget sheep treated with Bionic Plus Hogget (ACVM Reg. No. AO11826). It was determined the capsule was releasing the active ingredients at a slower rate than expected, which resulted in a prolonged release of subtherapeutic levels and a prolonged elimination time leading to prolonged withholding periods.

During the investigation, it was found that a similar product used in older sheep, Bionic Plus (ACVM Reg. No. A011825), was also not performing as expected.

Though the definitive cause for the altered release of the active ingredient has not been identified, all anthelmintic ruminal boluses are being reassessed. This includes 13 products registered for use in sheep and three registered for use in cattle.

Furthermore, New Zealand Food Safety (NZFS) has taken the steps to prohibit the use and sale of four products:

  • Bionic Plus Hogget
  • Bionic Plus
  • Toby (ACVM Reg. No. A010559)
  • Half Toby (ACVM Reg. No. A011102).

Argenta Manufacturing will be responsible for contacting the relevant sellers and users to make sure they are aware of this prohibition.

The prohibition on sale means that all product in veterinary clinics and retail stores must be removed from retail sale areas and securely stored; product may also be returned to the registrant, though this is not required.

The prohibition on use means that any product already on farm must not be administered to sheep in the coming season. Farmers may choose to store product they have already purchased in case the prohibition is lifted or return it to the retailer.

You can read the full notice from MPI here.