98th NZVA AGM: Annual report and proposed constitution changes available

The 98th Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Veterinary Association will take place via zoom on 16 June 2021 at 5pm. If you wish to attend, please register your interest with Megan Miller on executive@vets.org.nz.  

AGM Agenda

  1. Confirmation of quorum
  2. Welcome
  3. Apologies
  4. Obituaries
  5. Confirmation of minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting
  6. Reports
  7. Financial report
    i. Receipt of the annual accounts for year ended 31 December 2020
    ii. Announcement of auditor for year ending 31 December 2021
    iii. Announcement of the 2022 subscription
  8. Amendments to Constitution
    Motion – “That the proposed changes to the NZVA Constitution be adopted”
  9. Announcement of Board and President 2021 – 2022
  10. General business

2020 Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2020 is now available and can be found on the NZVA website.

Proposed changes to the NZVA Constitution

There are a number of proposed changes to the NZVA Constitution that will be voted on at the AGM. 

Constitution Changes
Rationale for these changes

If you would like to seek clarification on any of these changes, please contact Megan Miller.

Voting at the AGM

Ordinary Members, Retired Members and Life Members are eligible to vote at the AGM. Those who wish to vote must be identifiable by name on the Zoom.

If you are unable to attend the AGM but would still like to vote for the constitutional changes, please contact Megan Miller to obtain a proxy form.

Board Member Update

The NZVA Board wish to advise two nominations were received for the two elected Board positions available. These nominations came from Grant McCullough and Kate Hill. As these nominations were unopposed, these elected members will stand for a further term of three years.