98th Annual General Meeting

The 98th NZVA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday 16 June. A quorum was achieved with 44 individuals in attendance.

Member subscriptions were confirmed for 2022 and will stay at the same amount as 2021. These rates are as follows:

Vets in Practice (Full time, part time, joint)

  • $860 before discount
  • $745 after discount

New Graduates (1-3 years out)

  • $600 before discount
  • $521 after discount

Vets Other (Time out, Academic Researcher, Overseas)

  • $300 before discount
  • $253 after discount

Other Members (Associate Members/LAVT)

  • $280 before discount
  • $245 after discount

Retired Members (65 years and over)

  • Free

Constitution Changes

The constitutional changes were passed with more than two thirds voting for the changes as presented.
The main changes pertain to the composition of the Member Advisory Group (MAG). This will now be as follows;

  • One representative from each of the following Special Interest Branches; Companion Animal, Dairy Cattle, Equine, Red Meat (Sheep and Beef and Deer), EFAB, Industry, Vet Business and
  • Up to two representatives from the remaining Special Interest Branches
  • The Association's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer will attend Member Advisory Group meetings as a minimum representation of senior management.

The MAG are currently in the process of reviewing their positions in accordance with the above changes.

View the updated NZVA Constitution.