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Transform your practice with instant access to the knowledge and experience of 1,110+ leading veterinarians through 28,000 peer-reviewed articles, images, videos, sounds and client factsheets with Vetlexicon.

Vetlexicon online encyclopaedias give veterinarians and their practices access to peer reviewed point-of-care clinical information, speeding up consultations, reducing referrals, and supporting all-important client communications. They cover the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in a range of species (dogs, cats, rabbits, exotics, horses and cattle).

NZVA members get a 20% discount on all Vetlexicon subscriptions.

How will it benefit you or your practice?

  • Stay ahead of veterinary knowledge and competition – Content is updated weekly, ensuring the most reliable and current information available.
  • Ensure consistency throughout practice – By supporting diagnosis, Vetlexicon will unite staff in delivery of the best quality of care.
  • Improve practice revenue – Speed up critical decision making and the need for referrals is reduced.
  • Access anywhere at any time – Vetlexicon is available on any internet-enabled device, 24/7.
  • Feel supported – Boost confidence with your diagnosis and stay motivated to provide high quality care.
  • Enable an evidence-based clinical approach – With links to additional scientific information sources.

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Available subscriptions

Subscriptions are available per species as either individual subscriptions or on a practice basis.











NZVA members get a 20% discount on all Vetlexicon subscriptions.

Individual subscriptions per annum per species - $559 excluding GST (special NZVA price)

Practice subscription per annum per species - $949 excluding GST (special NZVA price)
All members of the practice have access to Vetlexicon via a single sign in, as well as individual usernames and passwords, so that clinical teams have access to Vetlexicon when they are not in the practice (but still need to refer to clinical information).

How to subscribe

Visit the NZVA shop to buy your discounted Vetlexicon subscription.

For more information or to sign up for a free trial go to the Vetlexicon site.

About Vetstream

Vetlexicon is part of Vetstream - a provider of digital solutions for veterinary companies and associations for over 20 years. Vetstream provides an increasing range of best-of-breed information tools to enable practices to treat, learn and communicate to their best effect.

Vetstream has been appointed Association Partners of many of the major professional associations in the USA, Africa, Europe and Asia e.g.: The World Small Animal Veterinary Association, British Equine Veterinary Association and the International Veterinary Student Association.

Vetstream supplies 60% of the top 20 veterinary schools around the world.