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Landmark Purina Institute study: Pivotal step towards reducing cat allergens

Typical management strategies for cat-origin allergies in humans have included avoiding contact with cats or, at the very least, spending less time with them. Cat allergies can be a barrier to cat ownership and potentially lead to rehoming or relinquishment. The landmark study and science has identified a new approach to reducing cat allergens in a safe and accessible way, giving people and cats a chance to stay closer together.

On Tuesday 3 November, the veterinary profession was invited to a webinar to be informed of the feline-friendly breakthrough in the reduction of cat allergens.


Craig Ruaux - Association Professor in Veterinary Science, University of Sydney (Webinar lead and Q&A panellist)

David Thomas - Associate Professor of Companion Animal Science and Environment Director at the Centre for Feline Nutrition, Massey University (Webinar guest speaker and Q&A panellist)

Michael Zajac - Nutrition & Technical Education Manager and Purina Institute lead for Australasia (Webinar Q&A panellist)

Webinar recording

Extra resources

Press release for vets

A Feline Feline-Friendly Breakthrough For Managing Cat Allergens - Study

Purina Institute Cat Allergen Reduction - Leaflet

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