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Working with you

NZVA membership is not only beneficial for our individual members. As an employer of NZVA members, you’ll have a competitive advantage by having active, informed and capable members of the veterinary profession working for you.

As NZVA members, your employees have access to

Collegial networking opportunities

Ensuring your employees remain connected with and supported by their colleagues across the profession through the NZVA Regional Networks, Special Interest Branches and mentoring opportunities.

Up to date and regular communications

We work hard to keep your staff informed and up to date about issues important to the veterinary profession so your clinic is always on the front foot.

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Discounted quality CPD

Helping your CPD budget go further and ensuring your employees complete CPD that meets their needs, ensuring your employees are supplied with the latest techniques and knowledge.

Wellbeing support and resources

Helping your employees stay healthy and well and helping you fulfil your requirements as an employer.

Technical resources and best practice guidelines

Keeping your employees ahead of the game while at work and ensuring your clients get the best veterinary care and advice.

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Your clinic will have access to

Free support staff membership with the NZVA

When all veterinarians in a clinic are NZVA members, all support staff (administration and/or veterinary nurses) receive free support staff membership, giving access to the Wellbeing Hub, discounted CPD and non-technical information – a real benefit for you and your staff!

NZVA Find-a-Vet search listing

A service that enables members of the public to find practices which employ NZVA members. Choosing a clinic from the Find-a-Vet search engine assures the public that the veterinarians that look after their pet or stock are committed to the veterinary profession, continuing education and follow the Code of Professional Conduct - advertisement and endorsement for your clinic that money can’t buy.

Business resources through the TEAM hub

Get access to resources and tools to support your veterinary practice through the NZVA Technology, Employment, Administration and Management (TEAM) hub. Promoting business growth and employee satisfaction is high on the priority list for the NZVA and we've collated these resources to support you and your clinic with this.

Working together as members of the NZVA facilitates collaboration of our veterinary community and some wonderful opportunities to make a positive difference to animals, people, our community and our environment.

– Liza Schneider, MAG member