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Advocating for you

Being a member of the NZVA means that you are supporting important campaign and advocacy work to improve the veterinary profession for veterinarians, animals and the public. The NZVA is your voice where it counts, working to increase the visibility, value and influence of veterinarians.

Lobbying government

The NZVA takes the lead in lobbying government for direct change impacting veterinarians. Our most recent focus has been gaining 80 border exceptions for overseas veterinarians to enter the country. This activity has been to help alleviate the veterinary shortage which has been made worse by COVID-19 border restrictions. Since these exceptions were announced, the NZVA has been managing the process for applicants with the Ministry for Primary Industries and Immigration New Zealand.

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Working with governing bodies

The NZVA enhances your career in the veterinary profession by working with government, industry and the wider veterinary community to inform public debate, opinion, legislation, regulations and policy when it comes to issues that affect the quality of animal life, human life and our environment. During the emergence of COVID-19, New Zealand veterinarians and clinics were able to continue operating due to fast action from the NZVA. We demonstrated the critical role veterinarians play in communities, securing critical worker status during COVID-19 restrictions. We ensure that New Zealand interests are heard on a world stage through our strong relationships with world bodies and other international veterinary associations.

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Representation and influence

The NZVA team and delegated members represent the veterinary profession on a wide variety of committees and working groups, ensuring your interests as a veterinary professional are considered in the activities and decisions of these groups.

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I recommend that veterinarians join NZVA because it’s a great way to engage meaningfully across the whole profession, improving communication and understanding of where we are all at despite the vast array of roles we cover... It’s rewarding to be part of an organisation that unites us and represents us when and where it needs to.

– James Laidlaw, MAG member

Communicating the value of veterinarians

The NZVA works through a variety of channels to promote you as a veterinarian to the public. We showcase your stories and achievements through news media, social media, online, through our publications and by speaking at a wide range of events. In 2022, we will be launching an innovative campaign on your behalf to endorse veterinarians as trusted advisors and champions of animal welfare in order to enhance the perceived value of veterinarians and enhance the wellbeing of our members.

Veterinary policies and positions

In consultation with our members, we've developed a suite of resources that reflect agreed principles. The NZVA veterinary team does the hard work for you by assessing the science, literature and legislation to reach evidence-based positioning on issues, giving you up-to-date information to use to form your own position. These resources provide veterinarians with substantial evidence and support when dealing with clients, and a framework that you can reference in client discussions.

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Find-a-Vet practice directory

This service enables members of the public to find practices which employ NZVA members. Choosing a clinic from this search engine assures the public that the veterinarians that look after their pet or stock are committed to the veterinary profession, continuing education and follow the Code of Professional Conduct. Advertisement and endorsement for your clinic that money can’t buy.

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