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Member benefits: delivering for YOU!

Membership with the NZVA comes with a large variety of benefits to enhance your veterinary expertise and career!

Advocating for you

Being a member of the NZVA means that you are supporting important campaign and advocacy work to improve the veterinary profession for veterinarians, animals and the public. The NZVA is your voice where it counts, working to increase the visibility, value and influence of veterinarians.

  • Lobbying government
  • Working with governing bodies
  • Representation and influence
  • Communicating the value of veterinarians
  • Veterinary policies and positions
  • Find-a-Vet practice directory

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Supporting you

The NZVA is your go-to source of technical and non-technical support at every stage of your career, helping you to be a confident and competent veterinary professional.

  • Publications and journals – VetScript, the New Zealand Veterinary Journal and SciQuest
  • Recommended best practice advice
  • Great deals on CPD
  • CPD tracking
  • Wellbeing support
  • Business resources
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Celebrating achievements

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Connecting you

Collegial connection is vital for healthy practice. Being a member of the NZVA ensures you remain connected with and supported by your colleagues across the profession.

  • Mentoring programme
  • Regional Networks
  • Special Interest Branches
  • Regular communications
  • Student events
  • International Veterinary Association membership
  • Governance

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Partnering for you

The NZVA has done the hard yards to give you access to a wide variety of exclusive benefits with our partners and external parties. Make the most of the great opportunities we have negotiated for you!

  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Sponsor partnerships

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Working with you

NZVA membership is not only beneficial for our individual members. As an employer of NZVA members, you’ll have a competitive advantage by having active, informed and capable members of the veterinary profession working for you.

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