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Welcome to MyCPD

As part of your NZVA membership, we've made keeping track of your continuing professional development (CPD) activity easy. With MyCPD, you can: 

  • create a CPD record based on your learning objectives 
  • record all CPD activities you do with the NZVA and external providers 
  • share your CPD plans with colleagues and mentors 
  • access, print or email your CPD record whenever you like (perfect for when VCNZ asks for your CPD record or when you're applying for jobs!) 


Using MyCPD

Download the MyCPD user guide for instructions on creating and sharing your MyCPD records and plans.


VCNZ's CPD framework

In April 2011, the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ) made it mandatory for veterinarians to engage in CPD activity to meet new registration requirements. The current framework requires that you:

  • develop a CPD plan
  • complete and record the activities applicable to your plan
  • review your CPD plan


How is the new reporting different?

With the previous reporting system, veterinarians recorded CPD activities based on a VCNZ category.

CPD activities to meet a category

Under the new reporting system, veterinairans record CPD activities to meet an identified learning need.

CPD activities to meet a need

Area of competence examples

Professional identity
  • Professional skills CPD courses
  • Client feedback and reviews
  • Observed consults
  • Mentoring new graduates
Clinical knowledge
  • Journal article reviews
  • Preparation for cases
  • Clinical CPD courses
  • Conference presentations
  • Seminars
  • Advanced qualifications
Technical skills
  • Caseload data
  • Practical skills CPD courses
  • Clinical teaching and supervision
Critical reasoning
  • Clinical record audits
  • Significant event analysis
  • Self-reflection on cases
  • Research projects
Personal wellbeing
  • Routine physical examinations
  • Counselling sessions
  • Cognitive function tests
  • Diet and exercise plans
  • Annual leave
  • Workload management