On-farm parasitology skills

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Beef Cattle

Sustainable control of helminth parasites of grazing ruminants is a key concern for veterinarians in production animal practice. A sound understanding of key biological factors of helminth parasites and the latest developments in helminth control is required to advise farming clients on parasite control programmes for sheep, beef cattle and deer and offer a superior service.


  • Beyond the basic worm lifecycle
  • Worms in sheep and cattle systems
  • Epidemiology in sheep and cattle
  • Methods of assessing worm challenge
  • Anthelmintic pharmacology and products
  • Mechanisms of drug resistance in worms and worm populations
  • Discussion on sustainability and reducing dependence on drench
  • Causes of anthelmintic resistance for slowing the progression of drug resistance
  • Practical application of worm monitoring and testing
  • Stock policies, grazing management and anthelmintics


This tutored course will include recorded presentations, notes, quizzes, a discussion forum and live discussion sessions. Participants will be able to submit a case study to be eligible to apply for 5 Massey University credits. Participants can expect to complete 50 hours of activity if they choose to apply for the credits.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an effective level of knowledge about the biology of helminth parasites of sheep, and cattle
  • Review scientific publications on helminths, their control and understand the strengths and limitations of these publications
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of available anthelmintics
  • Discuss the risk factors for anthelmintic resistance in helminth parasites
  • Develop a control programme for individual farmers to achieve high levels of production in conjunction with low levels of risk for developing anthelmintic resistance


Ginny Dodunski | BVSc MACVSc

Dave Leathwick | BSc (hons) PhD

Victoria Chapman | BVSc


VCNZ recommended area of competence for well-rounded development: Clinical knowledge.

Upon successful completion of course assessments, the participant will be eligible to apply for 5 Massey University credits.


NZVA member: $890 | Non-member: $1780.


Access details will be emailed the week before the course is due to start.


Shannon Leader | 04 495 1145 | cpd@vets.org.nz