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These lessons will help you be honest with yourself as you explore, and become aware of your thoughts, beliefs, stories, emotions and feelings. So often we subconsciously have disempowering thoughts and beliefs - being aware of them allows us the opportunity to re-author them so they are empowering. The exercises also help makes what is internal and interior (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, stories, judgements, contradictions) become external and exterior - when the words and emotions exist outside of the body and mind then there is space to truly see them - then they can transform.


This self-directed online course comprises of videos and exercises.


Module 1 - Wellbeing: (1) Self-care; (2) Thoughts; (3) Stories; (4) Self-awareness; and (5) Self-worth.

Module 2 - Resilience: (1) Dealing with difficult emotions; (2) Stress management; (3) Acceptance and control; (4) Mindfulness; and (5) Mindset.


Belinda Noyes in her own words... I am an inspirational writer, counselor, coach, mindfulness enthusiast, relaxation therapist, thought provoker, soul seeker, mother, wife... and many other things, but mostly I am a perfectly imperfect human being who is doing her best to live a conscious and meaningful life. I live in the beautiful Wairarapa (New Zealand) with Tony, my husband of 18 years who is the local veterinarian. We have a 14 year old daughter, a 5-year old son, a one-eye dog, a large breed cat (who I think has dwarfism because he is tiny) and a stray ginger cat with a neurological condition that lives under our house. I am happily embracing middle age, unlearning everything that doesn't serve me while creating space for self kindness, compassion and acceptance - it is a daily practice, most days I succeed, but some days I don't.


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