Leading Edge for Veterinarians

Veterinary Business

Lincoln Institute is a training and development company dedicated to helping veterinarians and their teams achieve success. Leading Edge for Veterinarians was specifically crafted to fast track the achievement of professional mastery as well as to facilitate further success for clinicians in general practice. The tools and skills provided in Leading Edge ultimately allow for a longer and more fulfilling career as a veterinary surgeon.

Programme overview

This programme has been created by distilling over 120 years of combined knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s most successful veterinary surgeons and business leaders. The program content has been produced as the perfect adjunct to traditional tertiary education, whereby veterinarians are taught specific non-clinical capabilities and techniques to make the art of veterinary science something truly rewarding. Whether it be an undergraduate, a recent graduate or a more experienced practitioner, Leading Edge has been tailored specifically to support veterinarians in any stage of their career. Delivered in bite-sized 10-20 minute video modules, Leading Edge is ideal for watching or listening during lunch breaks, in the gym or commuting to and from work.

Programme objectives

Across 52 modules, students will be mentored by highly successful veterinary practitioners with decades of experience in general practice. Students will be rapidly upskilled and inspired by the pivotal concepts and competencies specifically designed to empower and increase productivity, confidence and satisfaction in their career. For those veterinarians seeking a position in general practice, Leading Edge will not only increase employability, but also teach self-worth and negotiation skills to ensure they receive the remuneration and work conditions they aspire to. In addition, they will be taught the pitfalls that so often stand in the way of professional fulfilment, and the ways in which to easily navigate them. With the guidance of Leading Edge, business owners and managers will see measurable results as veterinarians in their team master client interactions. They will increase productivity in the consulting room, master time-management skills, demonstrate increased resilience, engage more effectively in teamwork and leadership, as well as experience career satisfaction. These improvements will not only result in greater retention of associate veterinarians but also directly improve business profitability.


Dr Nichola Powell - BVSc (Hons), MBA

Dr Gary Turnbull - BVSc (Hons)

Dr Lesa Potten - BVSc

Dr Chris Gough - BVSc

Dr Veronica Wah Day - BVSc (Hons)

Dr Michael Powell - BVSc (Hons)

Dr Joanne Williams - BVSc

CPD points

Activities in this course can be recorded under either continuing veterinary education, collegial learning activity or self-directed learning.

Further information

For further information about this course please contact Dr Michael Powell, email michael.powell@lincolninstitute.com.au or phone +61 (0) 451781151