Management of the itchy dog… so many choices, where do I start?

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One of the most frustrating diseases that pets, pet owners, and companion animal veterinarians deal with is canine atopy. Like all allergic conditions there is no “cure” for atopy and it is impossible to prevent exposure to tiny air-borne allergens. In addition, atopic dogs may develop secondary skin and ear infection, concurrent food or flea allergy, concurrent non-allergic skin disease and/or may experience treatment side effects. It is therefore necessary to be able to recognise and address all of the clinical variables that can be involved with an atopic dog and to know how to choose the right treatment at the right time for an individual atopic dog. In this course we will review how to diagnose canine atopy, how to choose the best therapy for each atopic dog and owner and how to manage secondary infections and flare.


This is an online course featuring pre-recorded lectures, comprehensive notes and case studies.


  • Diagnosis of canine atopy
  • Treatment options for canine atopy
  • Managing complications of canine atopy

Learning objectives

  • Use a diagnostic flow chart to make an accurate diagnosis based on history and clinical signs Increase knowledge of the advantages, disadvantages, and indications for a range of treatment options.
  • Increase understanding of potential “flare-factors” to help clients manage these complications.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased confidence diagnostic skills, leading to a quicker diagnosis.
  • Treat common conditions more effectively with the most appropriate treatment options.
  • Improved client relations for those who can manage their pet's condition, reducing the long-term associated costs.


Leslie Sauber DVM Diplomate ACVD Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist | Leslie received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry followed by a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. She was in general practice for 8 years before starting a dermatology residency at the University of Illinois. In 1996 she completed her residency and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. Leslie is very excited about emigrating to New Zealand! On her initial trip she was touched by the friendliness, helpfulness, and welcoming attitude of the NZ people. She was also impressed that so many Kiwis could find Oklahoma on the map (a feat that most Americans cannot do).


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Management of the itchy dog… so many choices, where do I start?
Sep 20, 2021