Thursday 18 November

8am: Ownership - it's not as scary as you think! | Fiona Couchman

9am: How to value a veterinary business and financing into ownership | Craig Melhuish
This session will look at how veterinary businesses are valued, covering the different methods of valuing practices, the factors that influence value, and the accounting and financial metrics that are considered during the valuation process. It will also provide prospective buyers of veterinary practices with advice around financing, and different succession options will be outlined to help ensure a profitable transition.

10.30am: Practice ownership and succession | Shaun Phelan
Every young vet should be thinking about practice ownership, and current owners should be developing a succession plan to hand over the reins to the next generation. In this session we will look at: Why young vets should invest into a veterinary business, and what owners need to do to develop a succession plan.

11.30am: Personal sustainability - financially setting yourself up for the long term | Chris Leathman
Chris will show why working in your day job doesn't get you ahead financially, and why investing money is important. He will show you how to take simple low risk steps to build your passive income and become financially free, so you can choose how to spend every day of your life - real freedom.

1.30pm: Starting a clinic from scratch: Evolution Vets | Laurie Gray
Evolution Vets was born because of a failed attempt to buy an existing practice as well the frustration that had come from that process - "let's just go out on our own''. We were confident our clear ideas about how to look after staff and clients would make the business a success (based on our own experiences as employees) and to start with we were expecting it just to be the two of us for quite some time. I want to share our experience of practice ownership so far, the barriers, the challenges, and the positives.

2pm: Business ownership: the high and lows | TBC

2.30pm: Business ownership | Kate Gloyn
Kate has gone from being a large animal vet shareholder in a large corporate practice, through to practice management and onto shareholding/practice ownership in a medium sized privately owned clinic. She will talk through these different scenarios and experiences.

3pm: Succession - how I got into ownership | Megan Alderson
Covering how I approached/got into ownership, the cost, ownership structure, enjoyment, and would I do it again.

4pm: Experience entering into veterinary business ownership | TBC

5pm: End of day open mic